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What is Crumbs?

The Crumbs City Trails App is the fun new way to explore an area and see its sights! It's a treasure hunt, a walking tour and trivia quiz rolled into one!

Crumbs are either clues spotted as you walk along, or juicy morsels of trivia. Crumbs can be anything seen en route - and the Trivia Crumbs scattered throughout the Trail help you discover more about the culture and history of the area. For bonus points you can also search for hidden Gems along the way!

Crumb Trails are typically "circular" walking routes that start and finish at prominent locations. Trails are typically around 1-2 miles long (1.5 to 3 km) and take an hour or so, depending on how many of you are looking for Crumbs, and how determined you are! It doesn't need to be a race - unless you want it to be!

Following the Trails is easy because they continue in the same general direction unless the Crumbs tell you otherwise. But if you get stuck, tap the “Help” button to show you the approximate location of the next clue.


Crumbs are multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty based on clues found along the way. Clues can be ANY “permanent” features seen en route, including streets, buildings, architectural features, commemorative plaques and stones, statues, sculptures, memorials, information boards and signs. Some Crumbs are straightforward and others are slightly more cryptic!

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Multiple-choice Trivia Crumbs are spread throughout the Trail. Trivia Crumbs are based on interesting facts about the area you are passing - but you don't need to look around you for the answer.

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Each Trail usually contains 5 Gems. Each Gem is a photo of something that can be seen somewhere along or near to the Trail. If you think you've found it, press the “Claim” button when you're next to the Gem!

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Certain Crumbs Trails are available in multiple languages - and Trails that are in a language different to the language of the relevant area contain translations of all text information that can be seen en route, such as signs and plaques.

Make Your Own Trail!

Crumbs Trails are not just for towns and cities: Trails can be created in any place that has a story to tell – stately homes, university campuses, school grounds… for sightseeing, orientation, health and wellbeing, or just having fun discovering a new area!

Want to create your own Crumbs Trail for free? We provide all the guidance and templates needed to tailor your own Trail - and we’ll host it in the App for FREE! Alternatively, you can sponsor a Trail (to include your name, logo and other personalised content) or we can write one for you!

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Great sightseeing!

Crumbs Trails take you to the main sights or attractions in the area. Just search to see which Trails pass the things you want to see or which Trails are close to you. When you reach a sight you want to visit, or if you want to take a break, just Pause the Trail! The App will also tell you when you’re at a great place to take a photo!

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Crumbs City Trails is a FREE Download and includes numerous FREE Trails.
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