How long is each Crumbs Trail?

The length of each Trail is given in the Trail Store (in miles or km, depending on your phone’s Region settings).

How long do Crumbs Trails take to finish?

See the Trail Store for approximate times. Times will depend on how many people are looking for Crumbs and how determined players are! All times are exclusive of any stops for sightseeing, breaks etc.

What if we haven’t got time to finish a Trail?

Just tap the Pause button and resume another day. However, note that if we have updated the Trail in the meantime, you will need to re-download the Trail and you will lose the data from your paused Trail.

Do we need to be fit to play Crumbs?

See the Trail Store for approximate distances and times. Bear in mind that steps and slopes will be encountered on many Trails.

Can children play Crumbs?

The Trails are designed to contain a mix of easy and more difficult Crumbs to appeal to a wide age range. Younger accompanied children will be able to find many of the easier Crumbs and look for Gems.

Can all the Crumbs be found on public property?

Yes – it is never necessary to enter private property to find any Crumbs.

Are there any restrictions on what time of day we do a Crumbs Trail?

Some Trails pass through parks and other areas which are closed at certain times – see “Trail Restrictions” at the start of each Trail for details of any such closures. Otherwise it will just need to be daylight in order for you to see the Crumbs!

What if we can’t find the clue or we don’t know the answer?

Crumbs are multiple-choice so just guess: the answer will tell you where the clue can be found and a photo of it will appear on the screen. Remember to walk to the location of the clue because the next Crumbs will assume that you are there.

What if we’re lost?

Just tap the Map button on the toolbar and it will show your current location. Then tap the Help button and the map will show a red pin indicating the approximate location of the next Crumb. However, remember that both of these will always be subject to a margin of error – and this margin of error will increase further if you are under or near to tall structures, bridges etc. Bear in mind also that the Map may appear to be more accurate than it actually is if it is zoomed in significantly.

What if the clue seems to have disappeared or the route seems to be blocked?

Clues are chosen to be as “permanent” as possible – many of them have survived for centuries already! However, it is possible that some Crumbs or Gems will alter, move or disappear altogether over time.  Similarly, unforeseen road and path closures can occur from time to time, particularly in the centre of cities. In that case, please select one of the answers at random – the explanation given in the answer will tell you where the clue should have been and hopefully you will be able to re-join the Trail. Please email us details of any changed Crumbs – there’s a Feedback button on side menu. No responsibility can be accepted for any changes or obstructions that may occur to a Crumbs Trail.

Do we need to travel by public transport?

No – the Trails start outside major stations simply because they are conveniently located and well connected by all public transport.

Which exit do we take from the Station to find the start of the Trail?

Each Trail gives directions to exit the Station.

How do we know how well we did?

The App records your scores, distance covered and time and high scores are shown on a Leaderboard. You can press the Stats button at any time to see how well you’re doing.

How do I register?

Go to http://coupons.crumbstheapp.com and insert your email address (and any coupon code if applicable).